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SPD888 Surge Protector Tester

Portable Surge Protective Device Tester 

SPD 888 Tester 

User Manual

1. Packaging 

The SPD Tester Box set includes the following items: 

2. Introduction 

Surge Protective Devices Tester, SPD 888 Tester is designed for outdoor testing of Surge Protective Devices (SPD). Users can determine the status of these components according to the tester readings. 

The tester can measure both type of main component inside SPDs,including: 

a)Voltage Limiting Type (MOV, TVS, Zener Diode ) 

The SPD tester injects a current of 1mA into the component and measure the Nominal Voltage. Then, the tester can use this voltage to find out the leakage current of the component. 

b)Voltage Switching Type (Gas Discharge Tube, Solid Discharge Tube, Spark Gap) 
The SPD tester injects a increasing voltage(10V/ms) into the component and measure the Break Down Voltage of the component. 

4. Standards, applications 

This Tester is made with reference to IEC 61643 part 1 and part 21 IEC 61643 “Surge protective devices connected to low voltage power distribution system” 

Part 1: Performance requirements and testing methods. Class I and II tests IEC 61643 “Surge protective devices connected to telecommunications and signaling networks” 

Part 21: Performance requirements and testing methods 

5. Specification

*Internal Buzzer beeps for each successful measurement.

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