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CJ1009B lightning protection component tester

CJ1009B Lightning Protection Device Tester 

1、 Specifications 
1.1 Rated operating conditions
  1.1.1 Ambient temperature:10℃~ 30℃,Humidity RH:≤70% 
  1.1.2 Air pressure:86~106kPa 

  1.1.3 Power:(220±22)V ,(50±2 )Hz,50VA;

1.2 Technical parameters 
  1.2.1 Output voltage:0~1999V, in two ranges of 200V and 2000V. 

      Tolerance of the the voltmeter : ±5% of the reading +5digits. 

  1.2.2 Test current for d.c. reference voltage measurement : 1mA±0.05mA. 

  1.2.3 Ramp voltage rate: 100V/S ±10% ,1000V/S±10%. 

  1.2.4 Two approaches to start measurement:
    1) Press “Test”button on the front panel. 
    2) Remote control by short-circuiting the ○1 and ○2 of “Remote plug” on the front panel. 

2. Safety precautions 

  2.1. Connect reliably the black “Safety Grounding ” terminal on the back panel of the tester to the ground . 
  2.2 In order to avoid electrical shock ,contact with conducting leads and test jig is prohibited during the period of the test

3. Operation steps 

  3.1 Connect the tester to the power supply 110V,60Hz. 
     Switch the power on by pressing the “Power” switch and allow preheating for 3 minutes. 
  3.2 Connect the DUT to the “+” and “-” terminals. 
  3.3 To test d.c.breakdown voltage of the DUT, select appropriate rate of the ramp voltage 100V/S or 1kV/S.

  3.4 Select suitable range “200V/2000V”of the voltmeter according to expected voltage of the DUT, if it is unknown, then the “2000V” range shall be tried at first, in case that the voltmeter showing a reading of less than 200V, then“200V” range should be utilized 

  Note: The test voltage on the DUT will be cut off by the overvoltage protective circuit in the tester in case that the voltage of the DUT more than 2000V, or that the DUT is not properly connected with the tester. 
  3.5 Press “Test” button and take the stable values displayed by the digital voltmeter. 
     If remote control is prefered to start the test, then a foot switch or the like shall be connected to the “Remote plug”, then closing the foot switch or the like.
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